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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions that may help you find some guidance. Feel free to hit us up on our Discord if you would like to see a new FAQ added here, or just to hang with a friendly Community of Creators and Collectors.

What is NFPeople?

NFPeople is the first platform that allows you to mint your identity, alter ego or brand as a social media verified NFT on the Ethereum blockchain - as an NFP.

What are NFPs?

NFPs are a new generation of NFTs representing your identity, alter ego or brand, that collect secondary market sales royalties and support unlockable content. Based on your Twitter profile data, NFPs are exclusive 3D, animated and generative NFTs that will let you add and change unlockable content.

What do I need to mint NFPs?

In order to claim the tier 1 NFP, you only need a Metamask wallet with an Ethereum address. No ETH is needed as this tier is free and also gas less minted, meaning you will pay nothing to claim it and to sell it on Rarible’s marketplace. NFP’s tier 2 to 5 will have a price and in this case, it will be paid in ETH from your wallet. You may want to check our FAQ “Create and fund a Wallet".

How many NFPs can I claim?

You will be able to claim up to 5 different NFPs using a single Twitter account: there will be 5 NFP tiers available and you can claim one of each.

What’s the cost to claim NFPs?

Tier 1 NFP will be completely free - 0 cost to mint and no ETH needed to pay for gas fees. This is possible due to Rarible’s lazy minting features we integrated in our project. Tier 2-5 NFPs will have a price that we will disclose closer to the public launch.

What are secondary market sales royalties?

These refer to the fees collected whenever an NFT is sold on secondary markets like Rarible and Opensea. NFPs will collect secondary market sales royalties automatically for their Creators on Rarible. Royalties accrued on Open Sea will be distributed manually from NFPeople to the user every 2 weeks if the value justifies the gas cost. There will also be a small fee to fund the development of the project.

What is unlockable content?

It’s one of the features of NFPs: a link you can add to your NFPs that can only be accessed by their owner. The original link is masked and cannot be discovered. The link containing the unlockable content can also be changed as many times as you want. This can be done directly on our website on the page My Creations.

NFPs will let you be your own value throughout time and bring the best you have to offer to your NFP’s Collectors. Only you can manage the unlockable content of your NFPs.

How to create and fund a wallet

Is this your first experience with blockchain, wallets and all these confusing terms? We have you covered, simply follow the instructions below:

Create Wallet:

To create your first Metamask wallet we suggest you to follow along this video:


Fund your Metamask wallet:

Now that you have your Ethereum wallet it will be important to fund it so that you can make transactions. Our suggestion is to use Rarible’s feature to add funds using your credit card. Since Rarible will also be the marketplace where we will be doing the gas less minting of our tier 1 NFPs, this is a great way to get you started with it!

1. First head to rarible.com and connect your wallet.

2. On the top right corner, click the most right icon there.

rarible account

3. This will prompt your profile menu, where all you need to do is click “Add funds with Visa” and follow the instructions.

rarible add funds

And that is a wrap! You are set up to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and claim the higher tier NFPs.

Note: to claim your tier 1 NFP you do not need funds in your wallet. This happens not only because this tier is free but also because we leverage Rarible Lazy minting feature, that does not require a blockchain transaction for the NFP to be visible on the marketplace. However, if you want to cancel a previous sell order it will require ETH.

How to connect your wallet to our website

In order to interact with our platform, you first need to connect your wallet. This can be done easily by clicking on the fox symbol on the top right of the screen which will prompt a Metamask pop up to where you need to click “confirm”. This feature will be enabled once the NFP minting goes live.

How to claim NFPs

At the moment it is not possible to claim NFPs. When we go live you will be able to do it by clicking here or “CLAIM MY NFPs” in our homepage or menu. This will take you to the start of the verification process and all you need to do is to follow the simple steps. In case you are trying to claim Tier 2 or above you will skip the verification step.

If you are looking for more information about NFPs click here.

How to verify yourself

After clicking “CLAIM MY NFPs” on our website’s homepage or menu, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to verify yourself. To do this, you only need to tweet the provided sentence with your Ethereum address to the Twitter account you want to use to mint your NFPs. Then, grab the link from the tweet you just made, paste it to the same page and click “Verify”. Our system will verify you instantly and you’re good to go. The verification process only happens when you claim the tier 1 NFP.

How to buy/sell NFPs on Rarible

Coming Soon.

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