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Imagine a decentralized digital world full of transparency and fairness. A public domain world owned by the ones who cooperate to create a better future. A place where we have true ownership of our identity and our own destiny. A place where each one of us is not simply a number but truly unique. A generation of Non-fungible People, or NFPeople.

The current age of connectivity is laying the foundations of an unimaginable metaverse. Within, anyone has infinite, free and constantly evolving opportunities to reach out and connect with others. In this age, personal branding has gained huge importance. We see an ever increasing number of individuals given a voice above the crowd. However, these are still few and many do not know the path.

At NFPeople it is our vision to provide new and disruptive tools to any individual to improve their personal brand and better connect with their audience: we present to you the NFPs.

Using our platform, you will be able to mint yourself, your alter ego or brand on the ETH blockchain as a verified ERC-721 asset that can be traded on any marketplace.

These NFPs, as we like to call them, are 3D animated and generative NFTs based on your Twitter profile. By using your Twitter image and handle as the main elements of the animation buyers can easily verify the NFP origin! More! Depending on the number of followers you have and whether or not you are verified on Twitter (blue check mark) your NFP will also change.

Within our platform, you will also be able to manage your own creations and add exclusive unlockable content. This provides you an opportunity to enhance the value of your NFPs and a way to connect more deeply with your most avid fans. Will you add weekly exclusive streams for them? Leak some of your trading edges? Coaching opportunities? A world of endless possibilities!

We also believe in a world of fairness and equal opportunities for everyone. A world where you should only depend on yourself to succeed. That’s why we will allow for each user to mint his first NFP completely free - you don’t even need to have $Eth to pay gas fees. Anyone - and we mean @nyone - will be able to create their own NFP without the hassle of a pre-funded wallet . All you need is to setup Metamask.

Welcome to the future, friend.

And if you want to push the boundaries even further, we also got you. You can mint 4 more paid tiers, each one with a more complex artwork relative to the previous. However, this is it. For the foreseeable future all you will have is 5 NFPs per Twitter account, so use them wisely.

How about the scarcity and value of NFPs?

Each user will effectively be its own unique collection, with a max supply of only 5 NFPs. Regarding their value… you should ask yourself. The value of your NFPs will be directly linked to you, as only you can create them and add special unlockable content.

Be creative and connect. Have no fear of perfection - you will never reach it.
After all, we’re just People.

“What if this is all real?”

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